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Over 30 years of experience

Dr. Mary Olodon

Mary Olodun, N.D.

Dr. Mary is a naturopathic doctor who established TRILERA HOLISTIC CARE, LLC. in November 2019, with over 20 years of experience in the natural health consultation field.
Dr. Mary grew up on the Southside of Chicago, and began learning about health through her mother’s research and effort to keep her catering clients happy and healthy. She has a real passion and gift for natural medicine and believes every ailment can be healed holistically. She became a true believer when she helped her son heal from asthma at a young age and her mother heal from arthritis and hyperthyroidism in her sixties, and today her 23-year old son and 89-year old mother are thriving pharmaceutically-free. Through her natural style of teaching, she uses simple techniques to motivate practical application and self-awareness.

Dr. Mary earned her nursing degree while attending high school and received her license in practical nursing in 1989. She began her natural health journey in 1994, while training with Dr. Llaila Afrika, in Hampton, Virginia. She earned her doctorate degree in Naturopathic Health (the study of traditional health and wellness) from Trinity College of Natural Health and also became a member of the Certified Natural Health Practitioners while pursuing a 30-year career in the military.

Dr. Mary self-published her very first book, My Little Green Book, in 2011, which guides even the least health-savvy shopper on a journey of choosing the best choices of all food groups, no matter what their daily diet may require. Currently, Dr. Mary is pending a certification by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. She enjoys her family and sharing her gifts with others, and is a living testament that simple, natural health wealth and wellness freedom.
Grandparents and children in field

“I love helping people heal naturally!”

— Dr. Mary Olodun