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We use only the best pharmaceutical-grade enzymes on the market today. Loomis Enzymes®* provides natural, drugless supplementation to improve digestion and ingestion of proper nutrition.

Biophotonics: Therapy is one of the most advanced, holistic, noninvasive therapies in modern science and it can be safely used for almost any condition. Biophotonics Therapy combines 2 sciences: Physics and Chemistry.

Physics: The invention of the Nobel Prize winning Blue Light LED Diodes made it possible to direct photons of a specific frequency that could carry harmonic information as a delivery system.

Chemistry: Mastery of advanced chemistry allowed 100’s of botanical extracts, medicinal mushrooms, Chinese herbs and other man-made compounds to be combined into long-lasting, stable solutions. Bio-Photonics allows for all the positive benefits of light therapy to be combined with the healing power of botanicals, herbs and other man-made compounds to address many health conditions.

We educate our Clients and provide a customized plan based on collaborated holistic health assessments. We use the client’s health history, a biometric palm-scan and holistic experience to provide a simple, concise plan of action as a guide to help them heal naturally.