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Enjoy new innovative holistic wellness care now in the local Bluffton and Hilton Head Island areas
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Naturopathic Biometrics Consultation

We educate our Clients and provide a customized plan based on collaborated holistic health assessments. We use the client’s health history, a biometric palm-scan and holistic experience to provide a simple, concise plan of action as a guide to help them heal naturally.

Halo Therapy

Biophotonics therapy is one of the most advanced, holistic, noninvasive therapies in modern science and it can be safely used for almost any condition. This mastery of advanced chemistry allows 100’s of botanical extracts, medicinal mushrooms, Chinese herbs and other man-made compounds to be combined into long-lasting, stable solutions. Bio-Photonics allows for all the positive benefits of light therapy to be combined with the healing power of botanicals, herbs and other man-made compounds to address many health conditions.
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Herbal Medicine bottles

Enzymatic Therapy

All foods naturally have enzymes to help mobilize nutrients to where they are needed for digestion. These enzymes are destroyed or become immobile when foods are processed, cooked or trimmed off during preparation. It is imperative to replace these enzymes to achieve optimum health. We use only the best pharmaceutical-grade enzymes on the market today. Loomis Enzymes®* provides natural, drugless supplementation to improve digestion and ingestion of proper nutrition.

Video Consultation

We offer video consultation for people who are unable to make it into our office. Complete and email our Intake Form prior to your appointment. We will help you develop a wellness plan from any location you choose.
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Younggevity products

Youngevity Products

In a world where soil depletion is producing less nutrient-dense food, Youngevity provides the 90 essential nutrients you need to live a healthier, more balanced life in support of helping people live younger, longer lives

Full Spectrum CBD

Our CBD is different because, it is water soluble. When you mix oil and water, you know the oil simply floats on top. The molecules of oil are too big, making them unable to mix into a solution. In order to benefit from our nutrition, food must be readily absorbed by our intestines, which are lined in a fine layer of water. Liquids and solids that are oil-based pass through our digestive system, unable to pass through the water barrier. When you take oil-based supplements, the majority of their benefits are not absorbed by your body, leading to a bioavailability rate of less than 10%. UltraCell® is different, with up to a 94% bioavailability rate.
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